Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebration Day

Wow! My last post was wedding day. We were celebrating our daughter's wedding. It was pretty much the sole focus of life for many weeks. That's "ancient" history now - over six weeks ago. So on the heels of wedding day now comes celebration day! What celebration? There are a few. Today is my brother, Darrell's, birthday. Happy birthday, Darrell. God bless you today. Also, today I begin a week of vacation! Kim starts tomorrow. One more day of school before spring break. When school is out tomorrow we head off for a little vacation for the two of us. While the masses are heading south, we are going north. Maybe even a little snow skiing in our future!

The other celebration is one I have never before paid attention to. For over a year I have been developing friendships through a ministry here in our city called First Fruits of Zion. Their office is here. Their ministry is world-wide. First Fruits is a Messianic Jewish ministry to Jews and Christians, teaching about the Hebrew roots of faith in Jesus and pointing people around the world to Yeshua Meshiach - Jesus Messiah. More than ever I have been opened up to the beauty of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and its consistency and relevancy to our life today and to faith in our Messiah, Jesus. This exciting journey has caused me to pay attention to "God's Appointed Times," the festivals and celebrations God has given for His people to celebrate. Today is the celebration of Purim, the celebration of the deliverance of the Jews from a plot of extinction by the hand of Haman. All around the world today, Jews are celebrating and reading the book of Esther. Through faith in Jesus, Gentiles like me have the privilege of being grafted in to the covenants and promises between God and His people. I am so thankful to be included with the people whom God has chosen and preserved. Join in the celebration today by reading the book of Esther and recognizing how good God is to His people!

Here's a link to the book of Esther:

And here's a link to my friends at First Fruits of Zion:

Chag Sameach! It's celebration day!