Monday, December 19, 2011

Worship Fully

In our church family we have taken on the challenge of "Advent Conspiracy." This is a call to take a deeper look at how we celebrate the Advent - the arrival of Jesus into our world. Yet Christmas has become more about buying gifts and sometimes more about getting the stuff we want rather than acknowledging what has been given to us and worshiping the One who gave the greatest Gift of all. So the first challenge of Advent Conspiracy is to worship fully. What do we worship? Worship, in a word, is giving. We give our time, our money, our adoration our lives to whatever, or whomever, we worship. So when we truly worship God we give to Him. Just about everyone who encountered the Messiah at his birth worshiped. Mary, a poor teenage girl to whom God announced that she would be the mother of the Son of God, responded with a song of worship (Luke 1:46-55). The shepherds, the outcasts of their society, doing the "dirty work" of taking care of the flocks, responded to the angel's announcement, went and found the baby in a manger and left his presence praising and glorifying God (Luke 2:20). The wise men, Gentiles looking in from the outside, came to find Jesus and worshiped him as they gave him their gifts (Matthew 2:11). All of this to remind me and you that our response to the arrival of the Messiah is first and foremost to be worship. It makes my Christmas wish list a little less important when I come back to the realization that what God wants most of me is my worship. This Christmas, I pray that you will truly worship the One who was given to you. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thanks for this reminder to worship the King this Christmas season!