Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great. White. North. Family.

Ok, it's not white in the summer time, but it is great, and we are very north (relative to where we are most of the time). Our family - three-fourths of us, anyway - is in central Minnesota on a little r & r this week. We left 100+ degrees in Missouri yesterday to come to a high in the 80's today! Love it! The lake is beautiful and cool, in more ways than one. I've actually walked on this water before - when it was frozen in the winter! This week we swim and tube and stuff and just generally relax. Thank you to my faith family at home for the time away. Each of us needs a retreat every so often to rest and re-energize.

For some reason, when I'm here, it seems easier to hear what God is saying. I'm sure it has to do with there being no meetings, no schedule, the phone isn't ringing, etc. On the other hand, there's lots of laughing and, dare I say, "cackling." No, this is not a farm. Back to my seems easier to hear God here. This morning I sat outside looking out over the lake and read the first few chapters of Deuteronomy. Moses was telling Israel to remember what God had told them and to move forward in faith. There were promises to claim. Yet with the Promised Land waiting to be taken, God's first reminder was to give attention to family. Teach your children about God's commands; tell them the stories of how God was faithful to deliver you from slavery, peril, starvation. Tell them how God is still faithful, even when we are unfaithful. And God's promises are for His children today. God has put us on this earth in physical families and when we trust in Christ, God brings us into His spiritual family. That family is called the Church. We need family. For good experiences or bad, we wouldn't be here without our physical families. And just as vital, we need our spiritual family. They are the people who teach us, who love us, who correct us, laugh with us, cry with us or sometimes even disappoint us; but they are family and we need them. I'm thankful for family - for my faith family at Marshfield First Baptist and my physical family. Spending time with them in the great, sometimes white, north is pretty good.

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