Sunday, August 21, 2011

A good day of worship

God of this city
This was a good day of worship and fellowship. Been teaching through a message series on reaching our city. I love the Bluetree song, "God of This City." A couple of very interesting stats from our city demographics: nearly 25% live below the poverty line; only 51% in our city are affiliated with a religious group. The field is white unto harvest and the church must respond to the physical and spiritual needs around us. Today I was challenged by Nehemiah's prayer to respond to the needs of our city in compassion, in brokenness and in faith. When Nehemiah was faced with the devastating news from his city, Jerusalem, he turned to the great and awesome God of heaven. As he prayed, he focused more on God than on the problems in Jerusalem. I need to learn that lesson as well. I pray that my heart will break for what breaks God's heart. And as we focus on God rather than on our problems we begin to see the power and faithfulness of God at work. Then we become city-changers!

An evening at the river
Tonight our church family met "down at the river." We had worship and testimonies at the water's edge, then baptized five individuals. There's something about baptism at the river that seems to strike a chord in everyone present. The Spirit was certainly present in that time of worship. I am so very blessed to lead a church family where God's love and unity are so very real. I am thankful to see the church at work in our city as people are reaching out, meeting needs and leading their friends and neighbors to Jesus.

Go make an impact in your city this week!

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