Saturday, July 30, 2011

When you're dead, who will be the preacher?

At our church we just completed a week of Vacation Bible School. The Big Apple Adventure was terrific! VBS is one of the greatest weeks of the year for our Children's Ministry. What a great time to interact with the kids from our church family as well as a whole bunch of them from all over our community. A what a great opportunity to build the foundation of the Gospel in these kids' lives. I really believe that the investment of this week is a significant part of changing lives, cities and even nations. One first grader asked me in front of her whole class, "When you're dead, who will be the preacher?" I loved the question! My answer was, "One of you guys!" I am sure I was talking to future preachers, Sunday School teachers, missionaries as well as school teachers, business leaders, etc. who will make serving Jesus a priority in their lives and careers. These kids are already ministering to people. They brought their friends like crazy this week. And they brought their offering like crazy. They gave school supplies for Kits for Kids and over $950 this week to go to Joplin tornado recovery and to send a kid from New York City to church camp. Incredible!

I was just as thrilled with our incredible VBS staff of volunteers who gave their week to invest in our kids. Every evening there were about 100 volunteers (ages 13 to about 80!) who served the Lord by serving our kids. I love you guys! God has blessed our church family with unity and excitement and a bunch of creative people who love God and genuinely like each other! And I've got to give a mention to "The Men of VBS!" I'm not sure how many of you got in on that Rockettes reenactment, but we could hardly fit all of you in on the video (yes, there's video!). That was awesome - not very coordinated and kind of hairy, but awesome! Then there's Virgil with blue hair and pipe cleaner earrings. I will never forget Virgil with blue hair and pipe cleaner earrings. Also I loved the band in Ruby's Top Hat Cafe and Lounge. I thank God for real men who love to share Jesus creatively with our kids and showing them what it means to be godly men. Thanks VBS staff - men and women. You invested in someone who just may be the preacher when I'm dead. You blessed our kids this week and you blessed me!

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